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DEW Student Council

David E. Williams Middle School Student Council is a group of individuals who are selected by their fellow classmates and teachers. Student council is responsible for planning events such as theme weeks, the talent show, pep assemblies, and Olympic Day.  

In order to make these events happen, student council members are placed into committees. These committees include: 

Birthday Wishes: The Birthday Wishes Committee organizes and delivers the Birthday Wish grams. They fill the treat bags, develop the song, and decorate lockers.

Pep Assembly: The Pep Assembly Committee is responsible for planning the  Pep Assembly, which will involve every homeroom competing in something.

Theme Week: The Theme Week Committee is in charge of planning the middle school’s theme weeks. These weeks happen monthly throughout the year.

Philanthropic: The Philanthropic Committee organizes charitable acts. Their two big projects for the year include the Thanksgiving Food Drive and The Animal Blanket Drive. 

Talent Show: The Talent Show committee plans the talent show. They distribute and collect tryout forms, hold tryouts, and organize and write the show’s script. The talent show happens near the end of the year.

School Store: School Store committee supports the operations of the school store. This committee provides and schedules volunteers to operate the store during lunch hours. This committee assists with store inventory. 

Field Day: The Field Day Committee plans the one and only Olympic Day! They will be in charge of the food, drinks, and events.

Tech: The Tech Committee is in charge of any kind of technology. They run music at lunch, set up the sound system for pep assemblies, organize the music for the pep assemblies, and run the tech systems for the talent show.

Hall Decorating: The Hall Decorating Committee will be decorating all the hallways. Be sure to look around because they will make some beautiful work!

Public Relations: The Public Relations Committee is in charge of news and keeping the students up to date with our website. In fact, the Public Relations Committee wrote this document!

Dinner Dance: The Dinner Dance committee is in charge of planning out the annual Dinner Dance, and is mostly made up of all the officers.

Olympic Day: This committee plans this end-of-the-year event. The members organize games, vendors and other various activities. This committee starts planning Olympic Day in early March. 

In summary, this is just a snapshot of what Student Council members do to make the middle school experience special for everyone!