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4 Sight Assessment

During strategic points of the academic year, DEW students in grades 5-8 will take the 4Sight Benchmark Assessments in the areas of Reading and Math.

4Sight was developed by Success for All Foundation, an educational division of Johns Hopkins University. The Pennsylvania Department of Education contracts with Johns Hopkins and the Success for all Foundation to develop short assessments that have the same format, coverage, look, and feel as our state assessment, the PSSA.

4Sight produces overall results that predict students' scores on the state assessments in reading and math. 4Sight also provides critical scores in content sub skills areas designed around the state's standards. These scores and data are then used to indicate areas of focus for instructional efforts to ensure Montour students' academic success.

This school year students will take several assessments prior to the PSSA in March of 2009. Individual student data will be analyzed and disaggregated by teachers, counselors, and administrators to assist in addressing students' educational needs.